Software description.

Segmentum analysis is a software system designed for researchers using pathological tissue and measures in a variety of fields and specialties. Anyone familiar with this type of research knows well that one of the main limiting factors is the time it takes to make the measures from a statistically significant selection of cases. Once multiple measures per case, randomisation, inter- and intra-rator measures and optical dissection are included this can expand the time taken to many weeks or months.  

For pathology measures automated counting by computer is still not feasible in most cases. Therefore an investigator must manually select regions to be examined, manually process whatever random or systematic steps must be taken and then manually count areas of interest.

For both clinical and research staff this time pressure is often prohibitive. The Imaging App is designed to dramatically increase the speed and flexibility of these measures, allowing medical and scientific experts to both increase their output of large studies and conducts smaller projects that would otherwise be left aside.  

We also anticipate a use for students, technical and medical staff in training, who often face very tight deadlines, limited resources and equipment bottlenecks.