• What is the difference between this and other commercial software applications?

There is a large amount of pathological software on the market. This generally falls into two categories; large systems to oversee the running of entire pathological laboratories and comprehensive methods of image analysis. Both of these types are extremely large-scale, multipurpose or purpose-built systems. Segmentum Imaging is a smaller, flexible system designed for use by laboratories or individuals for specific functions. It is designed to be useful to researchers or clinicians in cases where research may only be a small part of requirements, or funding is a serious concern, to compliment not replace the large-scale systems already in place.


  • Does this software replace large-scale software packages?

This software does not replicate the huge choice of functions the larger software packages have. Rather it focuses on a few frequently-used methods and streamlines the process, hugely accelerating the speed at which these measurements can be made.


  • How is this beneficial compared to free software?

Free versions of counting software, such as imageJ, can be very useful to laboratories who do not have the funding to buy existing packages. However they are very limited in their functionality and are still very slow to use, requiring manual input and calibration and data recording with every image. Segmentum Imaging is much faster to use and costs very little.


  • How is the data saved?

As measures are made they are automatically saved in both excel and xml forms, allowing the user to select whichever method best for their requirements. Also automated data recording removes human input error and decreases the likelihood of RSI. This data can be downloaded by the user at any time via wifi or wireless connection.

  • As well as my tablet can I use this software on my smartphone?

At present the software cannot be used on iPhones. We don't anticipate making this option available due to the size of the screen, but would consider it if there is a substantial demand. 

  • How does payment work?

Payment is by subscription model. This ensures there is no large initial cost and that individuals or laboratories only pay for what they need. The App is downloaded from the App Store and a login system with an email address is required. Then the cost will be billed from your Apple account at the start of each month for as long as you wish to subscribe.