Product Feature Benefits.


The design of Segmentum is centered on making routine measures much faster with no drop in accuracy. Our repeated testing on multiple pathology studies suggest decreases of 80–90% in time taken for measures such as cell or biomarker-counting, with built-in options for randomised or systematic sampling to counteract measurement bias by users.


Collection of data from pathological samples and digital images is a major rate-limiting factor in medical research.  Multiple problems occur using modern pathology systems.  Often limited access to centralised computer systems can act as a severe bottleneck for multiple researchers.  Also studies using digital pathology software often still require manual data input into associated data-basing software, a route for introduction of error in data recording.  In studies with high amounts of measures health issues such as repetitive strain injury and nausea can be crippling to researchers.  The increased flexibility of Segmentum Imaging, the use of a tablet interface and the decreased measurement time all mean that this problem is practically removed from studies using this App.


With time often the most limited resource for researchers and medical experts there is great advantage in improved utilisation of any time available.  Using the iPad App allows researchers to make measures away from the laboratory or office.  Images in several formats can be uploaded into the device individually or by folder and accessed offline as required.  This allows useful measures to be taken during times that previously would be unproductive, and allows research to be fitted around your normal daily activities.


"Many current, large-scale digital pathology systems are very expensive and require the user to buy a substantial software package up front, whereas Segmentum Imaging allows you to simply subscribe to use the software suits for as long as you want."

Are you a student on a short-term project? Get the App for a few months.  

Are you a research group conducting a project? Buy multiple copies for your staff for the project duration. As people join or leave the project you can get more or less copies on a month by month basis.


The high up-front costs of large software packages often prevents research groups from obtaining high-quality data from pathological tissue to go along with molecular or imaging data already obtained. The subscription model of Segmentum Imaging allows this type of data to be gathered for a project at very low cost with no further obligations. There is no lingering contract, once the last paid month is up the App will simply stop working, and the data sets stay yours in the format you chose to save them. If you chose to use Segmentum Imaging again in the future simply reactivate your account.


Anyone familiar with this type of research, be it digital counting or use of manual recording devices, is well-aquatinted with the risks and unpleasantness of RSI.  Use of Segmentum Imaging decreases the risk of RSI with a streamlined system that requires far less manual repetition.  In addition long-term use of slides images can result in eyestrain and nausea, issues that can cause serious delays for projects, as well as being very unpleasant for the user.  The accelerated nature of measures in Segmentum, plus the varied methods of data capture, removes these as serious problems for large project.